Knighties' War 10 Page

Participating Knighties:

Chris Rosmini -- Co-Leader

Nancy Taylor -- Co-Leader

Jenn Mendenhall -- Co-Leader

Michele Alexander
Kris Astop
Julia Brooks
Beth Brown
Mindy Dowdy
Julie Fundenberger
Chris Forward
Stacey Gordon
Sandra Gray
Susan Honig
Stephanie Jordan
Lisa Knust
Adriana McMullen
Paula Moore
Tina Moyers
Liz Newman
Nance Renee Rowe
Vickie Sykes
Audrey Thorp
Karen Tobin
Terri Wadsworth
Tara Williams
Nancy Yim

Knightie Permission Slips, War 10:

I, Nancy Taylor (, hereby express my intention to participate in the Forever Knight War #10 on Fkfic-l, and hereby grant permission to other participants to portray me as a character in their writing.
I, Chris Rosmini (Or "Roz" if we still have a confusion of Chrisses): ( or (, hereby declare my intention to participate as a Knightie in the Forever Knight War #10 on Fkfic-l, and hereby grant permission to other participants to portray me as a character in their writing.
I would like to participate in the new FK war. Since the Dark Knighties haven't decided if they want to play this time or not, I would like to join with the Knighties. I probably won't be very active, but I don't want to be left out.

Julie Fundenberger

this is Stephanie Jordan an I will use the name QuangyJane . I give myself permission to do this war thingy and to be in it too!!:)
Steph (
Please consider this my formal permission slip to be included with the Knighties fighting in this war. My real name is Tara Williams (, but I shall be known as Knightie Gemsong since that is what I went by in the last war. As of now, due to real life obligations, I will only be able to be a participant in limited capacity. Please feel free to use me however you wish in stories or as bait or whatever is needed. I look forward to participating in this war, however I am able.
Hi my real name is Audrey Thorp. My online name is Narnia and I would love to be a part of the war as a member of the Nighties! Thanks so much and if I did not do this correctly please let me know, I have never been in a war. thanks

I Katrinka hereby give permission for the Knightie faction to use me in stories.
Catherine Kendall --
I, Mindy Dowdy, give permission for my name and/or nickname (Fawkes) to be used (abused, etc.) in Fkfic-l War Stories.
Mindy D. (
I, Karen Tobin, being clearly of not-so-sound mind, do hereby give my permission to be used and hopefully not abused in War 10
I, Terri Wadsworth, aka Eowyn, ( being a war junkie and plagued by computer gremlins, give my permission to be used as a character in War 10 stories.
I, Julia Brooks (Brooksie) ( and (, hereby express my intention to participate in the Forever Knight War #10 on FKFIC-L, and hereby grant permission to other participants to portray me as a character in their writing.
I, Kris at, hereby express my intention to participate in the Forever Knight War #10 on Fkfic-l, and hereby grant permission to other participants to portray me as a character in their writing.

Alright...since there will be about a gazillion Chrisses or the like warrin'... I think I will go by the pseudonym... Zoe :)
K. Astop

I am susan Honig ( I can be used in any story. I am a CPA and would be very willing to help with the knightie funds
Hi there. The name is Stacey, but my nickname is Stace (ya cut off the 'y'). I give permission to be written into the war stories. Stace =)
"Stacey Gordon" (
I, Jenn Mendenhall ( would *really* like to participate in the war with the knighties and give my permission to be "used" in War 10 as a participant.
I, Lisa Knust, allow myself to be written into War stories.
Lisa K. (
I, Paula Moore (, give Nancy (and any other Knightie) permission to use my name as "Paula DuxLeMoir" to be written into the "WAR" stories.
I, Adriana McMullen of on 07.07.99, hereby grant permission to be written into FK War X stories.
I Vickie Sykes ( of sound mind (bg) give my permission slip to be used in what ever manner :)
I go by my own name, also if you are in need of a deaf Dalmatian I also give you Hope's permission to be used in stories :)
I, Nancy Yim, aka RacerGirl (, give my permission to be used as a character in War 10 stories.
Well, my husband and kid will be out of the country for the first week of the War, so I'll be free to indulge during that time without fear of The Hairy Eyeball (They think I'm getting sucked into some kind of cult or something ). I can also serve as a war correspondent during that time (Aug. 13-19).
If you find we once again have a surfeit of Chrisses, I can go as The Knight Nurse (or KN for short).
Knighties Rule!
Chris Forward (
I hereby give my permission to be included in War 10 for the Knighties, at least for the first week of the war. I will be heading on vacation with my family on August 21st, and will have no or extremely limited access to a computer until several days after the war ends.
Beth Brown (
I, Michele Alexander (,, hereby express my intention to participate in the Forever Knight War #10 on Fkfic-l, and hereby grant permission to other participants to portray me as a character in their writing.
I, Tina Moyers (A.KA. Tinker [ or ]), hereby express my intention to participate in the Forever Knight War #10 on Fkfic-l, and hereby grant permission to other participants to portray me as a character in their writing.

Just don't bomb my house, please.

I, Sandra Gray, email, hereby express my intention to play with the Knighties in the Forever Knight War #10 on Fkfic-l, and hereby grant permission to other participants to portray me as a character in their writing.
I, Nance Renee Rowe, known as "Nance", hereby announce my intention to participate in the Forever Knight Fiction War 10, and to participate as a (dark) Knightie and my willingness to be portrayed in posts.
I, Liz Newman (, not being of sound mind give my permission to be used in War 10.

And here is Peter's permission to use his ham call sign.

I give my permission for my call sign (VE3 ORI) to be used, by the Knightie faction only, in War 10.

Peter Newman

Physical Descriptions of Players

Chris Rosmini (Roz if necessary) -- Knightie Leader
Age -- 50-something
Height -- 5' 3"
Weight -- reasonably slender
Hair -- I have grayish blonde hair in a long ponytail
Eyes -- Brown

I like relatively simple clothing in "neutral" colors and deep reds and black, and am given to wearing long skirts and dramatic cloaks and other things that would probably look much better on a taller person.

Quiet by nature, I design gardens, I have no martial arts or organizational skills, (and what, you might ask, am I doing as a warleader?) and I don't sing. {g} I can draw, and I know rather too much about gardening. I'll have my old Bentley and my new laptop along (with the cell-phone connection I can't get to work in RL).

Jennifer (Jenn) Mendenhall -- Knightie Leader
Residence -- Salem, Oregon
Age -- 20
Height -- 5' 7"
Weight -- too much, but happy. ;o)
Hair -- brown w/red highlights, medium length
Eyes -- blue

Personality -- Well, my friends say that they'd hate to see me drunk if this is what I'm like sober . . . I can be loud and opinionated, I'm quick to speak my mind, and sometimes forget to think. ;o) Being new to knightie leadership, I'm really looking forward to this war.

Nancy Taylor -- 2IC and Knightie Backup Leader
Age -- 47 years young
Height -- 5' 4"
Weight -- heavy-set {g}
Hair -- Brown with light graying, just-off-the-shoulder length
Eyes -- Green

Generally a shy person, I open up and let my hair down around friends. I'm a ham radio operator and will be bringing my portable rig. I will be able to operate Nick's station (as established in War 9). I will also be bringing my trusty laptop computer.

Michele Alexander
Age -- I am 23 though people generally think I am many years younger, occasionally think I am older and rarely guess right {g}
Height -- 5' 1.5"
Weight -- about 107 pounds
Hair -- brown with red and blond highlights (my bangs are fairly blond)
Eyes -- blue, very fair skin. And I cut my hair recently so its way shorter then folks are used to seeing on me.

As for my personality I am a twilight knightie, and of the rare bouncing knightie variety (don't worry I have a good angst quotient also).
Skills -- Let's see, I rollerblade, horseback ride, sing, run and climb pretty well. I have this sword {eg}. Uh I do accents, bird calls, write poetry, stories, speaking and acting training, look innocent and harmless rather well and have a mischievious sense of humor with a fondness for irony and plays on words and having all sorts of great ideas but please don't ask me to actually carry them out. {g}

P.S. I do really good vanishing acts since I fit into all these little spaces...and I'm going to be missing in action in RL yet again. {chuckle}

Kris Astop -- a.k.a. Zoe
Age -- 24
Height -- 5' 3-3/4" (Yep, the 3/4 means A LOT! *g*)
Weight -- 130 lbs. (Approx. - it, of course, depends on my chocolate intake! *grin*)
Hair Colour/Length -- Dark Brown (As for length/style, think Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction" but a bit longer)
Eyes -- Green with gold flecks...

General Personality Type: Some have said that I am intense, with a dry sense of humor and sometimes unnecessarily sarcastic...But I like to think I am laid-back with an edge ;) I'm a fairly open and friendly person (especially with friends), but get on my bad side and EEK! I can be a meanie-pie! :) And I've been known to be cocky in probably not the best of circumstances (hence the unnecessary sarcasm)...and unfortunately, I sometimes don't think before I speak...:)

Special Skills: Hrmmm...I have the unnatural talent of getting where I wanna go by taking the longest and most convulted route possible, but hey, I get there!... I can usually talk myself outta any sticky circumstance (with mock innocence or just plain manipulation *grin*)...and I can paint/draw a mean portrait..hmmm or anything really (just don't ask me to do landscapes...*shudder*)

Julia Brooks -- a.k.a. Brooksie
Age -- 46 {gulp}
Height -- 5' 7"
Weight -- Oh gawd, do I have to say? Let's just say I'm overweight...
Hair Color/Length -- Artificially dark brown to cover the gray, shoulder length and v.wavy
Eyes -- Hazel

Personality -- Hmm. More an observer than participator or talker, except when you get me on a topic that 1)I feel passionately about or 2) I know too much for my own good about! Tend to be understated. Good in a crisis, it's afterwards that I fall apart. I'm a glass half- full type of person and believe that there is always a solution to any problem as long as one is creative about it.
Special Skills -- Organizational skills and problem solving. Horseback rider/owner for 30+ years. Intuitive rapport with horses/dogs/cats (but I'm not implying ESP, just read body language well). Can do public speaking. Been in the computer industry working mostly on mainframe databases for 20+ years.

PS. As part of my other faction of choice - Les Chevaliers de la Nuit (LCN) - We are bringing our horses with us to participate in the war.

So, stats on my horse....
Name -- Allie's Brook, aka Brook (yeah I know - but his previous owner, Allison, named him after Garth Brooks!)
Age -- 15
Height -- 16.2 hands
Weight -- 1800+ pounds
Hair Color/Length -- Chestnut, long mane and tail
Eye Color -- Deep Brown
Personality -- Real people-oriented. Loves to be groomed and eat carrots. Smart for a horse, learns quickly, and slightly hyper. Startles fairly easily.
Special Skills -- As an ex-racehorse, he can run fast.

Beth Brown
Age -- 44 (that's what the calendar says, but my behavior says 22!)
Height -- 5' 3"
Weight -- happily within average after dieting for all of 1998
Hair color/length -- brunette/short
Eyes -- brown

General personality type -- generally reserved with people I don't yet know; outgoing and friendly thereafter
Special skills -- CPA, so I can manage the finances {g}

Other notes -- I play piano, although I don't get to practice much. Would love the chance to play on Nick's grand piano. Also, I will be going on vacation on the 21st. I was thinking about writing myself home on the 20th, but will consider being written to stay at the loft and cook or something for the duration.

Mindy Dowdy -- a.k.a. Min or Fawkes
Age -- 24
Height -- 5' 7"
Weight -- hourglass
Hair color/length -- very long straight, down to my waist--auburn (my pic is on the web at: at the photoalbum link...look for KnightFawkes or I can send it to anyone who wants a better description)
Eye color -- bluey green

General personality type -- quite shy generally, but liven up somewhat with friends and of course Nick! ;) Love good jokes and scarcastic humor.
Special skills-- Well...I do floral and fresh. I can cook pretty good. Will lend a hand to anyone who needs it.

Chris Forward -- a.k.a. Knight Nurse
Age -- 48
Height -- 5' 3"
Weight -- 140
Body type -- very small arms, hands, and feet; "womanly" hips ;-)
Hair -- brown with new penny highlights

Special skills -- speak French, can stumble along in Polish, German, and Romanian. BA in Medieval Studies, MSN as family nurse practitioner. Will bring medical bag to the war.
Personality type -- in groups I'm less chatty, preferring to stick to one-liners and puns for humor. Have cynical sense of humor, appreciate black humor if it's well done. Willing to do sneaky things and work undercover for Nick. (Actually, there's not much I won't do for Nick!!)

Stacey Gordon -- a.k.a. Stace
Age -- 23
Height -- 5'10"
Weight -- Somewhere between 100 and 130 pounds
Hair -- Red with blonde streaks in front
Eyes -- Chameleon (they change from blue to green to hazel)

I am a pretty out there person who likes ta party!! I can party and drink more than most people and can do gymnastics.

Sandra Gray
Height -- 5' 7"
Weight -- heavy set
Hair color/length -- light auburn, just touching tops of shoulders.
Eyes -- Usually blue-gray, turning to green in sunshine.
I wear glasses with large, squarish lenses and rust-colored plastic frames. Without them, I see large shapes and those are blurred (I'm both near-sighted and far-sighted).

Personality -- I am usually quiet in person and serious. My thinking tends to logic and practicality, although I have imaginative ideas too. I'm afraid of heights. I have a long standing interest in vampires (but don't want to be one). I find some male vampires sexually attractive.

Special Skills -- Not much in the way of war skills, except for (I hope) creative ideas. I'll have a laptop with me. I've been a War Correspondent and can do that again too. I'm a War Veteran and past War leader, having played in every war except the first one. I can draw. I write fiction and sometimes poetry. I can wiggle my nose like a rabbit. :)

Other Notes -- As established in War 5, I am a direct mortal descendent of LaCroix (which may or may not be useful). I have fair skin and freckles. I have a husband, a 13-year old daughter and a cat, but none of them are playing this war.

Stephanie Jordan -- a.k.a. Steph or QuangyJane
Age -- 17
Height -- 5' 9"
Weight -- medium build (Oh yeah, I might wanna mention "the twins." Heh, they're pretty prominent!)
Hair -- Waist-length dark blonde hair (oops, now it's Berrywood. Heh, had it colored yesterday!!! Sort of a dark burgundy brown I guess)
Eyes -- bright/light hazel

I'm an overly bubbly person, but I get my dark moods all too often. I can be absent-minded (ere the voting of lost in the fog in my HS yearbook). I get alot if dirty looks because of my dry wit...ack, I hate that phrase. I'm pagan. Oh yeah, I love to sing, so if in need of a screechy soprano, I'm there!

Special skills -- singer (a dramatic soprano), um, a really good goalie/a drummer/pianist, and, uh, I can, um, do naked cartwheels and have the ability to look really innocent even if I'm not. :)

Height -- 5 ft.
Weight -- a tiny bit chunky
Hair -- Black, waist length. If it's cool enough I wear my hair down. If it's hot (like here) up it goes.
Eyes -- brown, wear glasses

I used to wear all black, but now wear 'perky' clothes--dresses etc., but always with running shoes! But in the war, I would probably wear my fav romany type clothes!--full skirts, etc.

Lisa Knust
Age -- 21
Height -- 5' 2"
Build -- Short (obviously) and slightly overweight (traditional 'hourglass'-type figure)
Hair color/length -- long, relatively straight light brown/dark blonde
Eye color -- brown

Personality quirks -- I'm pretty shy, but a good listener
Job skills, hobbies or talents -- Hmm...well-versed in biology lab techniques (especially those of the molecular/genetics sort), relatively fluent in French, I remember faces really well.

Adriana McMullen
Residence -- Victoria BC, Canada
Age -- 20
Height -- 4' 9"
Weight -- 122 lbs
Body type -- stocky hourglass, short legs (growth plates were surgically cut as a child)
Hair colour/length -- long ( past mid back) dk brown hair
Eye colour -- natural brown, coloured contacts: dk green

General personality type -- uh...
Quiet, opens up among friends, very much the practical thinker, & tends to be blunt (either blunt or quiet), *very* self reliant. Very open minded, loves to meet people & travel

Special skills -- Former lifeguard, Spanish bilingual, little bit of French, good pencil sketcher (w/ a photo), knows NW outdoors, wonderful driver, Canoeist... um oh & I know Canada, great sense of direction & can read a map inside & out.

Resources & quirks -- Will gladly bring *my* RV (long story) on War trips. Myself & 5 passengers/sleepers (has CB radio), will gladly fly anywhere required (I adore planes), humouristically challenged (meaning most jokes go clear over my head). I can also be classified as nearly every non-African ethnic group... People don't know what to make of me. Will happily eat seafood till...the cows come home.

Paula Moore
Location -- Buffalo, NY (95 miles from Toronto, and 30 miles from Niagara Falls)
Age -- 31
Height -- 5' 6"
Weight -- Not sure...I'd say about 50 Pounds more than what I should be!
Description -- Fairly large boned, with Shoulder length, very thick, wavey dark brown hair, deep blue eyes that seem like they're "glowing" at times, fair complexion, and not large-chested.

Personality -- Very out-going (used to be a radio DJ in Minneapolis) and can talk to ANYONE, easily!.....Love cracking jokes and teasing people (in fun, only.) I have a sick, morbid, dirty and silly sense of humour, and own 6 cats and two snakes!

Skills -- I love to shoot my 22 hand gun, as well as my compound bow. An accurate archerer and shot. I play classical piano, and used to sing lead vocal in a country-western band in MN. I'm pretty proficiant with a computer, and love writing. I am an artist, painting with oils, usually scenery, but also draw and design logos. I am very good with calligraphy, and have designed logos for several local bands.

I will bring anything to the war that concerns any of the above skills!!!!!!! Just let me know!!! I will bring my bow, or my hand gun, if you like!...or my "people skills" !!!!!!!!

Tina Moyers -- a.k.a. Tinker
Age -- 20
Height -- 5' 1" (and I always dreamed of playing basketball {sniffle})
Weight -- varies--medium build
Hair -- Brown, medium length
Eyes -- blue

Personality quirks: yes, several (sarcastic, stubborn, and sneaky)
Hobbies: fiddling with anything mechanical or electronic that is within arm's reach (hence, Tinker). Can invent outlandish, far reaching excuses at light speed.

Audrey Thorp -- a.k.a. Narnia
Height -- 5' 4"
Weight -- Fluffy, not fat, as my favorite niece says...
Hair -- Short brown with lots of well earned gray

I am a receptionist, which is an excellent profession for me since I love to talk, I have a great sense of humor (so I have been told) and I love to laugh! I love to read, watch t.v., go to movies, love to be on the internet!!!! and eat out, not very physically active I'm afraid but I can charm people when the need arises.

Terri Wadsworth -- a.k.a. Eowyn
Age -- I just had a birthday on the 6th. I've made to the ripe old age of 44.
Height -- Short (that's all I'm gonna say {G})
Weight -- slightly overweight but VERY huggable
Hair color/length -- Blonde from a bottle, short and very curly (I just had a perm)
Eyes -- Hazel

Personality quirks -- I LOVE to do things on impulse.
Skills/hobbies -- In War 9 Nancy taught me how to run a ham radio base station (on the roof of the loft), I ride horses, cross-stitch, knit and LOVE to play trivia (I have a good memory of first season FK). I also love animals, but we learned in War 8 that having a large number of animals in the loft is not necessarily a good thing.

Tara Williams -- a.k.a. Knightie Gemsong
Age -- 29, I will turn 30 on August 21st and would love it if we could have a not-so-surprise party for me at the loft...
Height -- 5' 3"
Weight -- 145#, on the plump side
Hair -- More toward the strawberry blonde side of red, naturally curly, middle of my back in length
Eyes -- Hazel

I am very outgoing and friendly, also affectionate...translation -- I hug a lot. Hehe. I am also a nurse so I can be useful in minor injury situations. I don't have a laptop, but I am pretty handy with my home computer, not that I will have it with me. Sorry guys. I also sing, but can't think of how that might prove useful in this war.

Nancy Yim -- a.k.a. RacerGirl
Age -- 25
Height -- 5' 2 1/2" (don't forget that half!) *grin*
Hair color/length -- Black shoulder length straight hair
Eyes -- Brown

Personality -- I'm a "Walking Contradiction." 'nuff said.
Special skills or talents -- I have an uncanny ability to "sign on people's behalf's" aka "forging signatures." Of course, I only use it for good.

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